गुरुवार, 15 सितंबर 2011

Sky Watch-Full Moon

रोज़ उठकर चाँद टाँगा है फ़लक पे रात को
रोज़ दिन की रोशनी में रात तक आया किये

हाथ भर के फ़ासले को उम्र-भर चलना पड़ा


Posted fr-Skywatch Friday

15 टिप्‍पणियां:

  1. Wonderful moon shots - love the silhouettes of the birds.

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  2. parul ji, maza aa gaya :)
    which camera did you use? i always fail to click a clear moon...

    and gulzaar saab ka kalam :) bahut khoob...

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  3. Bahut sundar. The birds are making the shot so mesmerizing and great words to complete it!

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  4. Great pictures. Particularly liked the second one with the two birds facing each other under the moon. You can probably try cropping it to just that much. Thanks!

    उत्तर देंहटाएं